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In this tutorial, we will see how to cancel an order on Fiverr. If the Buyer is not satisfied with the Fiverr seller work, or seller delivery then the buyer can cancel the order on Fiverr.

If the seller won’t want to work with the buyer or buyer have already many orders in their queue and he won’t be able to manage the time then the seller can cancel an order on Fiverr. 

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Nowadays Fiverr is a very huge market for digital services all around the world. There are a lot of people who are buying and selling their services daily. There are minimum charges of every service in Fiverr is 5$.

Their many services are available on Fiverr for example graphic designing, web designing, digital marketing, video animation,  and many other services.

How To Cancel Order On Fiverr

  • First of all, Logged into your Fiverr account.
  • Open your Dashboard. Now select the order which you want to cancel and click on VIEW

Cancel order on Fiverr through dashboardDashboard

  • When you click on View. Then next you will see your order page.

Cancel order on fiverr Dashboard

  • Click on Visit the Resolution Center. 
  • Now you have three options. Extend the delivery time, Modify the order, Ask the buyer to cancel this order. You can select Ask the buyer to cancel this order.

Ask the buyer to cancel this order

  • When you select Ask the buyer to cancel this order Fiverr as you for the reasons. Because there are some cases Fiverr never cancel the orders. For Example if delivery of seller service is unprofessional or based on the quality you need any improvement you need to ask for more revision in this case.
  • The most important thing is Fiverr customer support also review order cancellation reason.

Fiverr Order Cancel

  • You can select any of these options. Then on Continue. You will see the last feedback box. You need to fill and write valid reason about the seller. Why you need to do this. What are the reasons behind the cancellation order on Fiverr?

  • After this you Dispute request send to your seller/ or Buyer. If he agrees with you then he can accept this dispute request and you will get back your money.
  • If you are a seller you will get ranking down of Order Completion rate.

Cancellation the Active Orders on Based on These Terms and Condition

  • When the order delivery time is completed. Seller is still not a response to your message and 24 hours is complete after your order is marked as late.
  • If you or nest party abusive. or giving you a threat of misuse of your information etc.
  • Seller gives you any copyright material.
  • Seller is no longer active. Maybe his Fiverr id is restricted to some reason. You can cancel the Fiverr order.

Cancel Delivered Orders On Fiverr Based on These Terms

  • When a seller doesn’t give you any complete service.
  • Seller doesn’t give you source files if they agreed on the time of starting the project.
  • If the buyer threatens to the seller for additional work which will not be agreed before placing the order. Means buyer want more service. You have the option to cancel the order on Fiverr

Cancellation Completed Orders On Fiverr Terms & Condition

  • If the seller used any copyrighted material and the buyer have any proof about this copyright material. He can report to the Fiverr support center.



Before placing the order on Fiverr must be contact to the seller. Discuss each and everything related to your project. If the seller satisfied you and he agrees with your all requirement then you can place the order.

From the seller aspects, If the buyer requirement is suitable for your price then you can accept the buyer order. Else you can neglect it. Because sometimes the seller does not know about working behind their requirement.

They think it easy and small. But its a very big project. So you need to tell and clarify each and everything like cost and requirement to your buyer.

If you still facing any issue. Feel free to do comment. We will guide you each and everything related to your concern issue.

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