HUAWEI CLOUD COVID-19 Fighting with Technology

HUAWEI CLOUD COVID-19, HUAWEI is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices all over the world. Huawei is the second-largest smartphone maker in the world.

After the outbreak of COVID-19. The HUAWEI CLOUD company recently announced that they want to introduce a global action plan. For all the customers all around the world to fight with COVID-19 with cloud cooperation and AI services.

HUAWEI CLOUD wants to fight with COVID-19 using the technology.

The HUAWEI CLOUD wants to play a role in the international community as per according to the international action plan (IAP).

HUAWEI CLOUD will be the best technology provider for free AI  and cloud servers and will be recruiting partners around the world to help fight this pandemic COVID-19 together.

Deng Tao, President of HUAWEI CLOUD Global Market, stated

HUAWEI CLOUD has been working with partners in China to use innovative technologies such as cloud and AI to fight the pandemic COVID-19 together. They all partners to innovate the best solution to fight the pandemic outbreak of  COVID-19.

They share their experience with AI-assisted CT scans another analyzing related to the medical need to control the outbreak of COVID-19.

The whole world faces a huge problem and the world needs the best solution to take over all these crises, like education is stopped all over the world due to the worst pandemic outbreak of COVID-19.

we just need to shift our education to online education and telecommuting technologies. Now HUAWEI CLOUD are launching all the needy thing as per as international action plan (IAP) to share their practical experience in the international market.

We will make every effort to leverage technology to help our customers and the whole community all around the world. HUAWEI CLOUD believes that they take over these all crises using AI and their practical experience.

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Healthcare Care Of  HUAWEI CLOUD

In the Healthcare domain, HUAWEI CLOUD providing EI-Heath free of charge, which includes many services such as viral genome detection, Antiviral drugs in silico screening and AI-assisted CT patient screening service.

The whole world uses these all equipment and they appreciated HUAWEI CLOUD to providing these all game changer things.

Education Sector Of HUAWEI CLOUD 

In the education sector, HUAWEI CLOUD works with all the partners in china to provide online education services for schools and other educational institutions.

The pandemic of COVID-19 is hugely effected three main sectors like Healthcare, Education and enterprise businesses around the world.

He is helping the enterprises migrate businesses to the HUAWEI CLOUD to ensure continuous operation in the world while the pandemic of COVID-19 continues.

HUAWEI CLOUD is now offering all the newly registered user 1500 hr’s for free cloud resources.

He is also providing professional support 24/7 on their official HUAWEI CLOUD international website.

You can register and get free cloud resources everywhere in the world.


HUAWEI CLOUD has also released the Anti-COVID-19 Partner Program.

A program based on five main scenarios:

  • Remote office (working from home virtually )
  • AI support(company’s customer support process)
  • Enterprise assistance,
  • Smart healthcare,
  • Online education.

Partners who participate in this program can not only obtain comprehensive business instead we focus on technological, and market support.

To join the Global Action Plan for Fighting COVID-19

You can contact to the HUAWEI CLOUD: [email protected]

Stay at Home Stay Safe

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