Home News India Announced Own PUBG Game Its Called FAU:G

India Announced Own PUBG Game Its Called FAU:G

India Announced Their Own PUBG Game Its Called FAU:G: Recently Player Unknown Battle Ground PUBG is banned in India along with 100+ more chines applications.  The reason behind banning the PUBG game Banned in India. After banning the PUBG game Akshay Kumar who is a famous Indian film actor. Working in the Indian film industry in the last 20 years. He announced to launch a new alternate game of PUBG. The name of his game is FAU G. The abbreviation of FAU G is “Fearless And United Guard”.

Gondal said, “This game was in the works for some months, In fact, the first level of the game is based on Galway Valley.”.

The reason behind why India needs to launch it’s on Battle royal mobile video game because in June 2020 Indian and Chinese armed attacks on each other near the Ladakh border. Chinese hit almost 20 Indian soldiers. After this issue, India consistently hit the Chinese Tech firm from the last 3 months India banned almost 200+ Chinese application due to security concerns.

The Son of Akshay Kumar who is the officer of the Indian army wants to support the Indian soldiers, he wants to set up the trust and he also helps with this type of action games launch in India

“He [Kumar] came up with the title of the game, FAU:G,” Gondal said, adding that he expected to win 200 million users in a year.

Akshay Kumar announced the title of the game is FAU:G (Fearless And United Guards). Gondal said that He must be reached at least 200 Million users in the first year.

Anyhow but at this time all the Indian PUBG players are hurt and upset by this decision (PUBG Banned). They want the Indian IT Ministry must revoke this decision and unbanned PUBG. Because their is thousands of YouTubers belong to India who is playing PUBG and make Videos or do the live streaming on youtube and make money.

India Announced Their Own PUBG Game Its Called FAU:G: As we already discussed that the reason behind this decision is a clash between Chinees troops and Indian Troops and Galwaan valley. Due to this clash, the Indian IT Ministry banned the TIKTOK application in starting of JUNE. There are almost 120 Million users from India who are not only making the videos on TikTok but also making money with this Chinees Application. But Indian IT Ministry does not care about this.  While supporting the young generation and providing him an environment where they can grow. Indian IT Ministry restricting these.



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