Jazz Call Packages in 2020 Hourly Daily Weekly Prepaid Postpaid

Jazz Call Packages in 2020 Hourly Daily Weekly Prepaid PostpaidWith their complete activation and de-activation code as well.

Jazz is the most demanding eminent telecom communication limited company. It is launching the latest and advanced bundles for its valued users. Jazz is the hope for the customers, it brings affordable and low rates packages for their users. Jazz call bundles bring sufficient and efficient offers, which is the source of comfort for customers. Jazz* is including in the top telecom communication limited companies in Pakistan. It is progressing day by day quickly and smoothly and making its dominant place among all the telecom companies. Jazz call packages include all those offers to fulfill all the requirements of the users.

Jazz is also awarded upon its outstanding performance. In the recent past Warid and Mobilink network emerged in jazz. Jazz call bundles include many bundles you may avail whichever is your choice. Here’s the elaborated list of jazz call bundles, you may check any of your choices.

After be concluded the whole article you will be assured about:

  • Name of package
  • Price of package
  • Duration of package
  • Incentives of package
  • Package activation code
  • Package unsubscription code
  • Volume of Packages

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Prepaid Jazz Call Packages to their Prepaid Customers

Jazz Daily Call Packages

Jazz put forward the bundles of the jazz daily call packages, which involves different kinds of bundles that would expire on the same day and some have duration is 24 hrs. there are many fascinating offers for them who calls rarely, or not addicted to long calls. It is valuable for those who are far from the family or friends for a day and avail jazz daily call bundles to be in touch with them.

 In the below detail list all the jazz daily call Bundles are mentioned

Package NamePriceVolumeIncentivesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
*Jazz SIM Lagao OfferRs 0.063000 Jazz/Warid Minutes (50 Minutes/day) Not valid between 6 PM - 10 PM1500MBs (Not valid between 9 PM to 1 AM) and 3000 SMS24 Hours (Valid for 60 Days)Dial *551#It automatically expires after 60 days
Jazz Har Din BundleRs 21.51500 On-net minutes50MB24 HoursDial *114*4#Dial *114*4*4# to Unsubscribe and *114*4*2# to check the remaining volume
Jazz Super PlusRs 28500 on-net minutes500MB, 500 SMS, 5 off-net minutes24 HoursDial *558#Automatically expires
Super F&F OfferRs 10Unlimited Calls to 1 Super F&F Jazz NumberUnlimited SMS to 1 Super F&F Jazz Number24 HoursDial *141*F&F number#Automatically expires after 24 hours
Jazz Day BundleRs 13300 minutes300 SMS, 20MB24 HoursDial *340#Automatically expires after 24 hours
Jazz Sindh Package (Selected Cities only)Rs 12Unlimited On-net minutes1500 SMS and 250MB24 HoursDial *522#Automatically expires at midnight the same day
Jazz Punjab Package (Selected Cities Only)Rs 8.4100 On-net minutes100 SMS24 HoursDial *6000#Automatically expires at midnight the same day
Jazz Apna Shehar Package (Selected Cities)Rs 10Unlimited minutes1500 SMS, 100MB24 HoursDial *229#Dial *229*4# to unsubscribe and Dial *229*2# for status
Karachi Daily Hybrid Package (For Karachi only)Rs 12Unlimited Minutes1500 SMS, 250MB24 HoursDial *400#Dial *400*4# to unsubscribe and Dial *400*2 for Status
LBC KPK (Selected Cities)Rs 12Unlimited on-net minutes1500 SMS, 100MB24 HoursDial *291#Dial *291*4# to unsubscribe and Dial *291*2# for Status
Jazz Super Daily OfferRs 17300 on-net Minutes150MB24 HoursDial *212#Dial *212*4# to de-activate

Jazz Weekly Call Packages

Jazz is the one of top eminent Pakistan’s telecom communication limited companies providing its optimum services to its valued users. You may avail of any of these packages anytime, far apart you belong to which area of Pakistan. Jazz is covering all the features and comes up with the best services. It doesn’t matter you are belong to which profession in your life, jazz is fulfilling the demand of every category of people, like of students, businessman, you may avail package deals whichever you want to avail.

Package NamePriceVolumeIncentivesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Jazz Haftawar OfferRs 851000 Jazz/Warid minutes100MBs and 1000 SMS24 hours (Valid for 7 days)Dial *407#Dial *407*4# for De-activation, *407*3# for Info
Haftawar All-Rounder OfferRs 1131000 Jazz/Warid minutes250MB, 1000 SMS, 50 off-net minutes24 hours (Valid for 7 days)Dial *747#Automatically expires
Jazz All Network PackageRs 1551000 Jazz/Warid minutes1GB, 1000 SMS, 50 Minutes for Other Networks24 hours (Valid for 7 days)Dial *700#Dial *700*4# to de-activate and Dial *700*3# to check the remaining volume
Weekly Super Duper OfferRs 1991500 Jazz/Warid minutes3GB, 1500 SMS, 50 Minutes for Other Networks24 hours (Valid for 7 days)Dial *770#Automatically expires after 7 days.
Dial *770# to check status.
Jazz 4G SIM OfferGet a New SIM400 On-net minutes,4000 SMS, 4GB7 DaysDial *443*30#Dial *117*89*3# for Info, Dial *117*89*4# for De-activation
Weekly HybridRs 1151000 Jazz/Warid minutes1000 SMS, 500MB, 20 off-net minutes7 DaysDial *407#Dial *407*4# to de-activate, dial *407*3# for info
25th Anniversary OfferRs 2505000 Jazz/Warid minutes10GB (5GB from 2 AM to 2 PM), 5000 SMS, 50 off-net minutes7 DaysDial *505#Dial *505*4# to Unsubscribe
Sindh Haftawar OfferRs 2375000 Jazz/Warid minutes10GB (5GB from 2 AM to 2 PM), 5000 SMS, 50 off-net minutes7 DaysDial *406#Dial *406*4# to Unsubscribe
Chiniot Weekly Hybrid OfferRs 1301500 Jazz/Warid minutes1.5GB, 1500 SMS, 50 off-net minutes7 DaysDial *664#Automatically expires
Sindh Rabta OfferRs 53.31000 Jazz/Warid minutesNone7 DaysDial *766#Automatically expires
Sargodha Weekly OfferRs 88.9200 Jazz/Warid minutes200MB, 200 SMS7 DaysDial *627#Automatically expires
Mandi Bahauddin OfferRs 53.32500 Jazz/Warid minutes2.5GB, 2500 SMS, 25 off-net minutes7 DaysDial *565#Automatically expires

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

Jazz put forward moderate-priced bundles for their valued subscribers. Jazz* monthly call packages involve many offers according to the requirement of customers. Apart from that jazz monthly packages are the best choice for those who are found to talk on call. Jazz put forward the many bundles on jazz to jazz and jazz to Warid, one of the eminent bundle is jazz/Warid 4000 minutes, and 200 of net minutes, you may call to any network. Activate the bundle regarding your need and choice.

Here’s all the packages are enlisted, have a look!

Package NamePriceVolumeIncentivesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Monthly Hybrid BundleRs 44410,000 Jazz and Warid minutes (Daily limit 333 minutes)1GB and 1000 SMS, 50 off-net30 DaysDial *430#Dial *430*4#
Monthly Super Duper OfferRs 5333000 Jazz & Warid minutes3GB, 3000 SMS, 100 Off-net minutes30 DaysDial *706#Dial *706*2# to check Status
Monthly Super Duper Plus offerRs 8894000 Jazz & Warid minutes8GB, 4000 SMS, 200 Off-net Minutes30 DaysDial *707#Dial *707*4# to De-activate, Dial *707*2# for Status, Dial *707*3# for Info
Monthly Super Duper CardRs 6002000 Jazz/Warid min2000 SMS, 150 Off-net min, 2GB30 DaysDial *601#Automatically expires
Shahdadkot Monthly OfferRs 3002000 Jazz/Warid minutes2GB, 200 off-net minutes, 4000 SMS30 DaysDial *873#Automatically expires
DG Khan Monthly OfferRs 3002000 Jazz/Warid minutes2GB, 200 off-net minutes, 4000 SMS30 DaysDial *705#Automatically expires

Jazz LifeTime Call Packages

Jazz is only Pakistan’s telecom limited company providing optimum and outstanding offer of lifetime packages deal. Yeah!! It’s the lifetime offer. Jazz lifetime call Buckets involve two or three kinds of Buckets, which is of a reasonable price, activate these Buckets for the rest of your life, and stay easy!! stay happy!!

Check out the elaborated list below for further information:

Package NameMinutesSMS RatesFNF Call RatesInternet RatesFNF Numbers AllowedSubscription CodeValidity
Jazz Budget OfferRs 2.4/minuteRs 2.03/ SMS (inclusive of tax)0.6 Rs/ minute3.59 Rs/ MB20 NumbersDial *301#Lifetime
Jazz ChampionRs 1.20/30 secRs 1.80/SMSN/ARs 3.60/MBN/ADial *337#Lifetime
Jazz EasyRs 2.65/MinRs 2.05/SMSN/ARs 3.60/MBN/ADial *305#Lifetime


  • Jazz provides helpline number for their valued users, for any query you may dial jazz helpline number 111 and inform them about your issues in detail, you will get a better solution.
  • These packages are available in 2G,3G, and 4G network areas.
  • For subscription of packages, there won’t is any extra charges.
  • Packages would be unsubscribed on its expiry date.
  • To avail the same package again, you should be re-subscribe the same package by dialing the activation code again.
  • The speed of your internet will be upon your sim, area, your distance to network station and on 2G, 3G, and 4G.
  • If you are utilizing the internet without any internet offer, then 4.30 RS on per MB will be deducted from your credit.
  • This article is for general detailed information which includes tax information, packages prices, packages duration, and all the latest detailed information.
  • For further detailed information you may visit the official jazz official website.


  • Activation of Jazz packages Dial *707#.
  • Dial *707*2# to check the remaining SMS, call minutes and internet MB’s, after the subscription of package.
  • Detailed information about any package dial *707*3# to get the.
  • Dial #2*101* to check remaining jazz SMS.
  • Dial #110* to check remaining jazz minutes.
  • Check jazz balance dial #111*.
  • Dial #112* to take jazz advance balance. 
  • Use free Facebook by dial #5*114*to.
  • Dial #2*1*114* to check jazz internet data/balance.
  • Send “internet” to 7342 for customize Mobilink internet settings.
  • Dial #551* to avail new sim lgao jazz offer.
  • Check jazz sim number by dialing #99*.
  • Dial *100*FriendsNumber*# to share your balance with others on jazz.
  • If you want to Check remaining Warid SMS dial #200*.
  • Dial 200* to check remaining Warid minutes.
  • Check the Warid balance dial #100*.
  • Send “AB” to 7676 to take Warid advance balance. 
  • Send “FW” to 7777 to use free Facebook.
  • Dial #4*200* to check Warid internet data/balance.
  • Send “ALL” to 2323 to customize Warid internet settings.
  • To avail the new sim lgao Warid offer sends “Y” to 3733.
  • Send “myno” to 6060 to check Warid sim number.
  • To share your balance with others on Warid Send “B FriendsNumber 200” on 2424.

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