PTA has decided Temporary Suspend PUBG Game in Pakistan

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PUBG game Banned In Pakistan: PTA Pakistan Telecommunication Authority decides to ban PUBG in Pakistan. Currently, PUBG is temporarily suspended now. Because LHC Lahore high court takes decision 19-June-2020 that PUBG Banned Pakistan within in next 6 to 10 days.

The reasons PUBG game Banned In Pakistan are mentioned below.

  1. There are too many complaints received PTA Pakistan telecommunication Authority by different segments of society to ban PUBG (Players Unknown Battle Ground) in Pakistan.
  2. PUBG is the most addictive game.
  3. Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) Game is the totally waste of time.
  4. PUBG Game will effect very negative on the health of children’s physical and psychological.
  5. PTA also mentioned in there press release that media is reported to a number of suicide cases children. Reson is they are addicted to PUBG. Game.

If you have any concerns related to why PUBG is banned. You can do an email with your concern.

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