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Telenor Internet Package: 3G/4G Daily Weekly Monthly Prepaid Postpaid

Here you will see all the Telenor internet package daily weekly 15 days, monthly prepaid, and postpaid. With their complete data like package price, package volume, package name, package incentives.

Telenor is one of the leading mobile telecommunication companies that own its network in almost nine different countries across the globe with a purpose to provide on the go connectivity to its users. Telenor has a total subscriber of 45 million, with a 27% share in the cellular market base in Pakistan. The company is serving 186 million customers by providing affordable data bundles and call packages to its customer.

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To facilitate its customers, Telenor is offering a different package which is favorable according to the valued customers. In this post, you will see the list of Telenor Internet Package that includes daily, weekly, monthly, prepaid and postpaid package.

Telenor 3G and 4G Internet Buckets For Prepaid Users

Telenor is successfully making its central market position by providing an excellent package for its valued customers among the telecom communication limited company in Pakistan. Undoubtedly, the company offers attractive bundles at the lowest rates and captured a large number of users in Pakistan.

With every moving day, Telenor introduced a range of internet package and came updated offers according to the demand of users by offering divisions, which include daily prepaid packages, 3-day packages, weekly packages, monthly packages, 4G Bucket, and postpaid package.

Telenor offers the opportunity to its subscriber to select the best one according to their own choice.
Let’s check out the detailed list of internet package for prepaid users below:

Telenor Free Internet For their Users

Telenor, the leading company, offers different Free internet for their customers. For those who want to use the free Internet, there are multiple ways of getting free Telenor MB’s. By using Telenor application in Telenor application there are multiple games and multiple quizzes, If you win any of these you will get free MB’s.

Telenor Daily Package

If you are looking forward to activating the daily internet package, then Telenor has lots of offerings that can be activated anytime at affordable rates. Telenor is offering a variety of daily internet bundles for the customer who wants to enjoy unlimited web browsing without concerning their balance. These offers bring the amount of data to keep you going for hours and best-in-class 4G with better speed.
Here is the list of Telenor daily data bundles:

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How to unsubscribe from the Telenor internet package?

Telenor 3-day package

Telenor* has a list of 3 days data offers for the users who want to access without any interruption. By activating these bundles, you can get unlimited data. A sufficient package brings you the best-in-class 4G with affordable rates.

Let’s have a look:

How to check Telenor internet packages?

How to unsubscribe from Telenor internet packages?

Telenor Weekly Packages

Telenor* is offering weekly internet packages for the customers who consider that subscribing to the same offer daily package is a headache. By introducing weekly data, bundles Telenor provides you free access to the Internet for the rest of the week without going to the reactivation process again and again. These bundles offer you unlimited data MBs to cover your browsing and downloading.
Let’s check out different weekly data offers:

How to check Telenor internet packages?

How to unsubscribe from Telenor internet packages?

Telenor Monthly Packages

Telenor* has introduced special monthly packages for the customers who want to enjoy free Internet and enough volume for the entire month of 30 days. By activating these packages, you can enjoy unlimited web browsing, downloading kinds of stuff, and share various posts on your desired social media sites.

How to check Telenor internet packages?

How to unsubscribe from Telenor internet packages?


Telenor Postpaid Packages

Postpaid packages are the ones that can subscribe after making their consumption first. In other words, the users can pay charges after completing the usage of their offer. Telenor has introduced various Telenor postpaid packages for its users. There are no daily or weekly packages for the postpaid user by Telenor offers monthly data bundles for its postpaid client at cheap rates.

Here is a list of different postpaid internet packages which includes:


Telenor 4G Internet Packages

Telenor offers some 4G data SIMs to its users who want to access the net for the entire 30 days. By introducing different 4G packages, Telenor also brings amazing monthly data packages for data SIM users to make them stay connected and build global networking.
Here is a list of Telenor 4G internet packages: