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Top Best Successful Bloggers and Blogs in Pakistan 2021

Today we talk about Top Best Successful Bloggers and Blogs in Pakistan. The Reason is to write about this topic is to appreciate and promote our Pakistani bloggers and blogs. All those students who want to become the best blogger or top freelancer. I just want to ask you just to take a step. There are many sources where you can learn about your field DigiSkills one of them.

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Nowadays blogging is getting the most popular profession as well as a hobby for personal use. The youngsters and students around the world can earn money online by utilizing their skills and show them on their blogs to other people.

You can say, blogging is also a platform to showcase your skillset just around the industry and the latest trends. As a professional people can start it easily or you can say independently by following simple steps available on the internet everywhere that needs your only little effort to start with.

And especially in Pakistan is becoming the most famous and day by day a lot of youngsters are starting it as a career for life and the way to earn money easily by staying at home or anywhere.

Now, Pakistan has introduced very qualified and top-ranked Top Best Successful Bloggers and Blogs in Pakistan but also famous around the world along with the world economy is rising. Let’s get into Top Best Successful Bloggers and Blogs in Pakistan.

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Top Best Successful Bloggers and Blogs in Pakistan

Taimoor Asad Top Blogger In Pakistan

  • Website: redmondpie.com
  • Layout: 7/10
  • BackLink: 444724
  • Domain Score: 77
  • Global Alexa Rank: 30,362
  • Alexa Rank In Pakistan: 2,451
  • Traffic: 9/10
  • Earning: $80,000 to $100,000
  • Content Uploading: 50 to 80 Posts uploaded in a Month

Redmondpie.com: Taimoor Asad is an inspiration for all Pakistani youngsters and students because he provides his blog tutorials related to Microsoft, Apple relevant to all computer problems with solutions.

He has played a vital role in Writing in technology. Mostly he covers news and reviews from iPhone, Android, Windows, Macs, Xbox, PlayStation, jailbreaks and unlocks, social networks to the general World Wide Web.

Mohammad Mustafa Top Best Blogger In Pakistan

  • Website: Mybloggertricks
  • Layout: 7.5/10
  • BackLink: 1,311,624.0
  • Alexa Rank In Pakistan: 3,878
  • Domain Score: 43
  • Traffic:5/10
  • Earning: $35,000 to $80,000
  • Content Uploading: 5 to 10 Posts uploaded in a Month

Mybloggertricks: Mohammad Mustafa is one of the brilliant people as a blogger of ‘mybloggertricks’ website in Pakistan.

Nowadays, he lives in Karachi Pakistan. And this awesome attractive website ‘mybloggertricks’ website is made by Mohammad Mustafa.

He is also running a big company with the name of STC Networks’. He is working on main projects in this company likewise ‘Apps development, website solutions, etc.

When Mohammad Mustafa has started his career in this industry, he had created a website with the name of ‘Blogspot’ in the year 2008. That time he didn’t know that time about it that the project he was working on as a part-timer was the big changer for his life.

Nowadays, he is running a lot of the most popular websites and also helping the new beginners who are getting in the blogger’s industry.

He also motivates the youngsters of Pakistan about using the blogging sites and he is becoming famous now as a motivational speaker as well. He helped a lot of students and youngsters in Pakistan for making and using successful blogging websites as a career.

Amir Atta Most Popular Blogger In Pakistan

  • Website: propakistani.pk
  • Layout: 9/10
  • BackLink: 80,916
  • Global Alexa Rank: 6,891
  • Alexa Rank In Pakistan: 55
  • Domain Score: 69
  • Traffic: 7/10
  • Earning: $33000 to $80,000
  • Content Uploading: 50 to 80 Posts uploaded in a Month

Propakistani.pk: Aamir Atta has made a famous website of ‘ProPakistani.pk’ that is basically a news website, and used as a google website news.

ProPakistani covers all the news related to business, telecom, education, sports, aviation within Pakistan. Amir Atta is a very hardworking blogger in Pakistan and he started his career in blogging in the year of 2008.

He completes their degree from the Barani Institute of Information Technology BIIT Rawalpindi. The purpose of mentioning their degree I see most students are not happy from there universities. Because of less experienced teachers, Not good quality subjects, etc.

So the degree and University don’t matter. The thing is a matter that id your own research you are own hardworking.

Syed Balkhi Top Best Blogger In Pakistan

  • Website: wpbeginner.com
  • Layout: 8/10
  • BackLink: 927628
  • Alexa Rank In Pakistan: 32,483
  • Domain Score: 90
  • Traffic: 1 Million organic visitors per month
  • Earning: $1500 to $5000
  • Content Uploading: 5 to 10 Posts uploaded in a Month

Syed Balkhi: is a famous Pakistani blogger. He is from Karachi, Pakistan, and nowadays living in the United States.

Syed Balkhi has a great knowledge of blogging and SEO (Search engine optimization). He is running a website with the name of ‘wp-beginner’ that is basically an affiliate marketing website as well as provides the best hosting for all WordPress websites.

Syed Balkhi blog website is always with new and elegant fresh content, that makes it’s reader never get bored by reading his articles every time.

He is in the writing blogs industry from years ago but still, he has a passion to learn new things by using the latest trends and technology.

His website blog is related to solve the problems of WordPress websites and that he provides in tutorial ways, and he always tries to discuss some new issues with detailed solutions that new learners faces while using the WordPress website as a new blogger.

There are no doubts in the blogger’s industry that Syed Balkhi is one of the genius bloggers from Pakistan, and as a nation, all Pakistani people feel proud of him.

Ali Raza Digital marketing Expert

  • Website: Aliraza.Co
  • Layout: 6.5/10
  • BackLink: 622
  • Domain Score: 38
  • Global Alexa Rank: 214,365
  • Alexa Rank In Pakistan: 6,729
  • Traffic: 8.5/10
  • Earning: $200 to $500
  • Content Uploading: 5 to 8 Posts uploaded in a Month

Aliraza.co: Ali Raza is one of the top Pakistani bloggers. He is from Karachi. He done BBA Hons Marketing & Media from Lahore School of Economics.

The main focus of his blog is digital marketing, brand building. He is Blogger,  Vlogger, as well. He is a Motivational Speaker, Even also he is Digital Marketing Trainer & Consultant as well.

Bilal Ahmad Most Top Blogger In Pakistan

  • Website: techmaish.com
  • Layout: 6/10
  • BackLink: 11055
  • Domain Score: 45
  • Global Alexa Rank: 133,788
  • Alexa Rank In Pakistan: 21,246
  • Traffic: 6.5/10
  • Earning: $5000 to $8000
  • Content Uploading: 5 to 10 Posts uploaded in a Month

Techmaish.com: Bilal Ahmad has made a blog website ‘techmaish’ in Pakistan. He qualified for his MBA in finance and banking and started his career as a blogger part-time while he was studying in the university in the MBA program.

He gave a lesson to everyone that it doesn’t matter whatever the field of study you have but you can start blogging as a career also.

Mohammad Umer Best & Successful Blogger In Pakistan

  • Website: AllBlogthings.com
  • Layout: 6/10
  • BackLink: 30,703
  • Domain Score: 14
  • Global Alexa Rank: 320,022
  • Alexa Rank In Pakistan: 4,741
  • Traffic: 5/10
  • Earning: $700 to $2000
  • Content Uploading: 5 to 10 Posts uploaded in a Month

AllBlogthings.com: Mohammad Umer is also a famous best blogger in Pakistan. He is a very hardworking person, and he started his blogging from ‘AllBlogThings’ website by helping hundreds of Pakistani students.

Mohammad Ismail Top Best Blogger In Pakistan

  • Website: Cartvela.com
  • Layout: 7/10
  • BackLink: 1,543
  • Domain Score: 24
  • Global Alexa Rank: 208,850
  • Alexa Rank In Pakistan: 1,903
  • Traffic: 5.5/10
  • Earning: $3500 to $7000
  • Content Uploading: 5 to 10 Posts uploaded in a Month

Cartvela.com: Mohammad Ismail is very popular in Affiliate Marketing Blogging website, a passionate and dedicated person from Swabi, KPK.

He was the first one from his area to start a business online through his website. He also played a vital role in KPK Youth Program as a Training Coordinator with the help of the World Bank and KPIT Board.

Shabbir Ahmad Best Blogger In Pakistan

  • Website: Geekviews.tech
  • Layout: 6.5/10
  • BackLink: 622
  • Domain Score: 38
  • Global Alexa Rank: 1,146,549
  • Alexa Rank In Pakistan: 13,806
  • Traffic: 4/10
  • Earning: $400 to $1000
  • Content Uploading: 5 to 8 Posts uploaded in a Month

Geekviews.tech: Shabbir Ahmed is a young talented and one of the successful bloggers from Chitral Pakistan, as he has started his career in blogging in 2016 with the name of ‘Geekviews.tech’. He creates tutorials related to Hacking, Technology reviews of the product, etc. He is also my classmate in 2016 to 17 at Iqra University Islamabad. After the 3rd semester, he transfers his credit hours to virtual university Islamabad.

Shabbir is also my guru in the blogging field. He teaches me how to start blogging how to write content on how to optimize content etc. He is an expert in SEO and Hacking. But in May 2019 his blog is not active. Most probably when he comes back to Islamabad then he starts again and makes active his blog.

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I cover almost all the Top Best Successful Bloggers and Blogs in Pakistan. If you think you are also a top blogger and you have nice traffic to your blog. You can contact me on my contact page.


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