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Ufone is the leading telecommunication mobile network company that has started its operation on January 29, 2001, within the reach of everyone in a low budget. It has a total of 21 million subscribers across Pakistan as the company provides a lot of flexible and unbeatable packages to its valued customers. The company provides easy accessibility as it has over 9000 coverage locations across the country


As the leading company, Ufone offers a vast range of call packages for both prepaid and postpaid customers that can be differentiated on the basis of price, volume, and duration. Subscribers can select the best one that fulfills their requirements. After going through this article, you will be able to know:

  • Name of Internet Packages
  • Price Of Packages
  • Packages time duration
  • Details Of Internet Packages
  • Subscription codes
  • Un-Subscription code

Here you will see all the Ufone Call packages in detail below. 

But at this time I come up with the over-elaboration of the call packages of Ufone. Have a look at Ufone hourly call packages, Ufone Daily call packages, Ufone weekly call packages, and Ufone monthly call packages, prepaid and postpaid call packages. You may check the lists and descriptions below, choose the offers regarding your taste and ease.

Ufone Prepaid Call Packages Daily Weekly Monthly for Prepaid Users

By ensuring its customer satisfaction, Ufone brings numerous call offers and lucrative bundles for the prepaid customers according to the division which includes hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and postpaid packages. The company offers lower call rates with high-quality services that speak its popularity for its customer-oriented nature.

Find out the complete details of every call package below that helps you in easy subscription, time duration, and price range. So let’s check out the list:

Anytime Call Packages without Daily Charges

Ufone brings incredible anytime call bundle for its prepaid customers who want to make an international call along with the national call without any time constraints.

Find out the complete detail below:

Package NameActivation DetailsPackage Details
UWon Dial *444*1# or SMS 1 to 444 U2U call at Rs 2.4/minute, Other network call at Rs 2.4/minute, local SMS at Rs 2.03, International SMS at Rs 5 + tax, Internet at Rs 2.50/MB
Super Sasta Dial *5678# (you will automatically get this offer if you buy a new Ufone SIM) Call any time at Ufone, PTCL or any other network in 1.0/30 seconds, International SMS rate Rs 5+tax, local SMS for Rs 2.03 + tax

Hourly and U-2-U Packages

Ufone brings numerous hourly call packages for the people who want to call their loved ones at economical rates. By activating these bundles you can get unlimited free minutes along with the other incentives.

Here is the detail of Ufone’s hourly call packages below. So, let’s have a look at them:

Package NamePriceVolumePackage IncentivesActivation CodeDe-Activation Code
Power Hour Rs 10 60 On-net minutes 60 Off-net minutes, 60 MB Dial *99# Automatically expires after one hour
3 Pe 3 Rs 6 Unlimited Calls U-U & PTCL for next two hours - Dial *343# Automatically Expires after two hours (Not valid from 5 PM to 9 PM)
Behisaab Offer Rs 14 Unlimited Calls U-U & PTCL - Dial *5700# Automatically expires at midnight the same day
Dabangg Hour Uth (Only for Uth Package Users) Rs 3.99 Unlimited U-U calls Unlimited SMS, Unlimited MB Dial *212# Automatically expires after one hour

Daily Ufone Call Packages

Ufone is offering a lot of daily call packages at different rates for the customers who are fond of talking to their loved ones. After activating these packages you can enjoy unlimited free minutes along with other incentives such as SMS and MBs for the internet. By introducing attractive call packages, Ufone brings convenient packages that are available in different hours a day so, you can choose the best one that satisfies your need.

Check out the detailed of daily call packages below:

PackagePriceVolumeFreebiesActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Daily Pakistan Offer Rs 18 100 On-net minutes 10MB Dial *888# Dial *8880#

Weekly Ufone Call Packages

Ufone comes with a range of numerous weekly call packages to its customers who don’t want to go through with the daily process of subscription. These packages are differentiated on the basis of volume, duration, and price range that provides the opportunity to pick the one that best suited their requirements. By introducing these packages, Ufone gives more relief to the customer so, they can make a call without worrying about the balance for the entire week.

Find out the complete detail of Ufone weekly call package below:

Package NamePriceVolumePackage IncentivesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Asli Chappar Phaar Offer Rs 120 100 U-U minutes 1000MB, 100 SMS 7 Days Dial *5050# Automatically expires after 7 days
Weekly Pakistan Offer Rs 100 700 U-U, PTCL, Vfone minutes 100MB 7 Days Dial *8888# Dial *8880#
Ufone Super Minutes Rs 100 100 Minutes to all networks - 7 Days Dial *210# Automatically expires

Monthly Ufone Call Packages

Ufone brings a variety of monthly call packages to the users who want to call for long hours without being worried about low balance. These packages provide you free minutes along with the impressive incentives for the complete 30 days which can be avail at affordable rates.

Check out the detailed list of Ufone monthly packages along with easy subscription and price range below:

Packages NamePriceVolumePackage IncentivesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Mini Super Card Rs 330 500 Minutes U-U & PTCL 3500 SMS, 600MB, 75 Off-net minutes 15 Days Dial *230# Automatically expires after 15 days
Super Card Rs 550 1000 minutes U-U & PTCL 4000 SMS, 1200 MB, 150 Off-net minutes 1 Month Dial *240# (You can also buy a super card from Ufone retailer) Automatically expires after 30 days
Super Card Plus Rs 599 1200 minutes U-U & PTCL 180 Off-net minutes, 4200 SMS, 1500MB 1 Month Dial *250# (You can buy a Super Card from Ufone retailer) Automatically expires after 30 days
Monthly Pakistan Offer Rs 418 + tax 4000 U-U, PTCL & Vfone 400MB 1 Month Dial *8888# Dial *8880#

Miscellaneous Call Packages

Ufone brings some other call packages for prepaid users that can vary in price and volume. Find out the complete details below.

Package NamePriceVolumePackage IncentivesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation code
Super Recharge Rs 50 300 On-net minutes 10 Off-net minutes, 300 SMS, 30MB Valid for 2 days Load Super recharge Automatically expires after 2 days
SIM Lagao Offer - 3000 On-net minutes 3000MB, 3000 SMS Valid for 60 days Use your SIM that is currently not active. Automatically expires after 60 days
Nayi SIM Offer 50 Rs 500 On-net Minutes 25 Off-net minutes, 1000MB, 500 SMS Valid for one month Buy new SIM Automatically expires

How to check remaining minutes in Ufone?

To check remaining free minutes, dial #707*


  • All the above packages are valid for prepaid customers only
  • The company charge no additional tax for Super Cards
  • The above-mentioned packages are inclusive of tax
  • Don’t allow to subscribe to two packages simultaneously. Otherwise already subscribed bundle will expire automatically

Ufone Postpaid Packages For Postpaid Customers

Along with the prepaid packages, Ufone offers numerous call packages for its postpaid customers. You can select the best packages that suited your requirements and satisfy your needs at reasonable rates.

Check out the complete detail of Ufone postpaid call packages below. Let’s have a look at them:

Package NamePriceVolulmeActivation CodeDe-activation
Ufone Talkville Rs 500 10,000 on-net minutes Type SUB and send to 2500 expires automatically
Unlimited PTCL bucket Rs 100 + tax You get 8000 minutes for Ufone, PTCL and Vfone Type SUB and send to 7500 expires automatically
Off-net Freedom Bucket Rs 1000 + tax 1000 off-net minutes Type SUB and send to 6500 expires automatically
Postpay Super Load Rs. 999 (Tax included) 2000 On-net minutes, 300 Off-net minutes, 2000 SMS and 2000 MBs *6699# expires automatically


  • All the above-mentioned packages are valid for the postpaid customers only
  • Prices are exclusive of tax
  • Offer is valid at 11:59 PM from the time of subscription
  • Bundles will be automatically reactivated
  • Don’t allow to subscribe two bundles at the same time
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