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How to Unblock URL On Facebook 2021 | Facebook Blocked My Domain

In this tutorial, we will see How to unblock URL on Facebook 2021. After reading this post completely you will know what’s the reason and why Facebook can restrict your domain by sharing content on Facebook.

When You are Posting Something On Facebook Make Sure These things, Otherwise Facebook will block the URL or Domain of your website by Posting Contents. 

Are you facing this error while posting something on Facebook or Instagram??

Your content couldn’t be shared, because this link goes against our community standards

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How to post a blocked URL on Facebook | How to unblock URL on Facebook 2021

  • The first thing that Facebook will care about when someone posting anything on Facebook is Authenticity. The content of your website must be authentic. Because Facebook wants those people who are seeing anything on Facebook it must be authentic.
  • Facebook has very strict rules regarding Misleading. Because most people are not exposing who they are and what they are doing. They can be creating fake Facebook Account for gaining followers and visitors to their pages, website, or any youtube channel.
  • Secondly, Facebook makes sure the safety of its users. Like your content threatens to any community or any group of small numbers of people or any single person. Facebook would never allow you to do this.
  • Now there is a third and most important rule which is almost all the social platform has a very strict rule. Its the Privacy. Every social media platform are protecting their user’s personal privacy and personal information. Because privacy gives the user the freedom to be themselves.
  • Another last rule Dignity that Facebook makes sure that all the users of their platform have equal rights. All the users are respectable to each other. They don’t allow anyone to degrade anyone else.

How to post a blocked URL on Facebook | How to unblock URL on Facebook 2021

First Trick: Share Your Website Domain Link On Sharing Facebook Debugger To Unblocking Your Website

  1. In the very first you can debug your domain.
  2. Now the question of how you can debug your Domain.
  3. Here is the “Sharing Debugger” link you can open it.
  4. Select the sharing debugger option.
  5. Past your domain link.
  6. Click on Debug.

Unblock Domain From Facebook

Second Trick: Creating New Post & Publish Your Domain Link

  • This is the second method to unblock your domain from Facebook. Hope this will work and your domain will be unblocked successfully.
  • First of all, Copy the link of your Domain.

Unblock Domain URL from Facebook

  • Create a new post and publish your domain link.

  • When you click on the post button you will see this message when your domain is blocked.

  • In this answer box, you explain your issue in detail. Must leave your website link. Maybe Facebook will check the content of your website.
  • I will also write an email sample. You can download it and just copy the text and past it in the Report box.

Third Trick: How to email Facebook | Contact With Facebook Business Help Center For Unlocking Your Domain

  • This is another best way to unblock your domain from Facebook.
  • I suggest you before trying this method you can try above all the methods.
  • First of all, you can open this link. Scroll down and click on Get Started Button.

  • Next page you will see the privacy and security page option in a box. You can click on that. and scroll down.
  • You will see NEED MORE HELP/CONTACT SUPPORT you can contact via email.
  • Fill the form and write your complete issue. Facebook can sort out your issue within 24 hours.

After following all the steps you will not face this issue

Your content couldn’t be shared, because this link goes against our community standards

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We are also providing an unblocking service from Facebook and Instagram.  Our charges mention below. There are many peoples are facing this issue but they don’t know how to solve this issue.

Due to this, they are not able to share anything on Facebook and Instagram. Their business totally stops. They will get a message that their domain is blocked on Facebook.

So if you are facing the same issue. If your domain is still blocked on Facebook. You can contact us if you want to unblock your domain from Facebook as soon as possible.

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Facebook Blocked My Domain ? URL blocked ?

First of all, you must know the reason behind why Facebook can block your Website URL or domain from Facebook. Why Facebook can block your domain by posting or sharing your website content on Facebook and Instagram as well. Because if you don’t know about Facebook policies regarding which type of content Facebook allows you to share on public Facebook groups or your own Facebook group or your own timeline your own Facebook pages.

Now we discuss which type of content Facebook will not allow you to share on Facebook. If you ignore these things you won’t be able to unblock your domain or URL from Facebook.

  1. When you post something which is showing a cautious distrust of someone or something. That’s why if your website has doubtful content, and you are sharing your website link on Facebook, then you will never unlock your domain or URL from Facebook or Instagram once your domain will be blocked.
  2. If you have to post something and you never follow the social media community standard guideline, that is also the reason for blocking your domain link as well as your account.
  3. Facebook strictly never allowed posting abusive content. Also never allowed to abusive someone.
  4. If your website is offering any Sexual violence or sexual exploitation, including sexual assault-related things images or videos, or content, and you are sharing your website link on Facebook. It will be considered spam and maybe Facebook will block you by posting features.
  5. Facebook also remove and block harmful and fraudulent activity related content.
  6. Facebook will never allow to post or share a lot of content in a short time.
  7. Maybe your website content is against the Facebook standard community.
  8. Facebook will never allow sharing post which is marked as unwelcome

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Important Tip:

In this tutorial, I will share 3 to 4 methods to unblock the domain URL from Facebook. Before trying any of these methods you can change your network. or use Paid VPN. I am working on this service ( Unblock Domain from Facebook ) for the last 8 months. So that’s why I have a Paid VPN.

If you do not follow the Facebook instruction about posting or sharing content on Facebook. Maybe next time Facebook will ban your account. So be careful and must read the Facebook policies.

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