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WhatsApp new Feature Status share on facebook directly

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is launching new Feature Status share on facebook directly for its users. It allows the user to share their WhatsApp status directly to Facebook and Instagram stories. without wasting time to open facebook and past statue on facebook story then close it and again open an Instagram story and post.

WhatsApp Status share on facebook directly by one-click this feature is not available on business WhatsApp.

After confirmation from the FAQ section of WhatsApp, this features is visible most of WhatsApp users.
2.19.258 version is for Whatsapp android Users and 2.19.92 version is for WhatsApp iPhone users. Now you can easily to update your WhatsApp to their respective applications stores.

But one more thing if you post any link on WhatsApp status. Check On the facebook its look like a text on the image. The link you are posting on WhatsApp on facebook it’s converted into a picture.

How to share your WhatsApp status to facebook.

First of all when you post your WhatsApp status then Tap on SHARE TO FACEBOOK STORY. it will also give you a LINKEDIN INSTAGRAM option.

The second method is after posting WhatsApp status just TAP on STATUS and click on three dots on the right side and the share it on facebook.

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