Why Is Quora Down So Often? Quora Is Not Working

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Quora has gone down since 21 September for some of hidden reason. Users of Quora are so offensive they want to know the reason behind the unavailability of Quora’s service. We are gathering information from different users from different places. Almost all the browser displaying “502 Error Page”. this error is shown on all the devices like desktop and mobile both are showing this error.

Most people are facing these types of error

  • Quora is temporarily unavailable.
  • Please wait few miniutes and try again
  • www.quora.com’s server IP address could not be found.
  • 502 Bad Gateway

Reason Behind Quora Down

Actually Quora is updating their database and maintaining their data. Because every student using this platform. Like Facebook and Youtube when they update their database their social platforms goes down. Like when WhatsApp is under maintaining condition. their is no one can be able to send their message or upload any status etc. Same situation in Quora at this time.

Students mostly from Europe and from Asia are too much Effevted by this issue.
but it’sg down from everywhere. As we get news from GREEE, California, Vietnam, Egypt, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Finland, England. They are tweeted and mentioning the Quora’s twitter page and complaining about this issue and requesting them to solve this issue as soon as much as possible.

Stay connected with us if you want to know about further updates. when the quora’s announce any update from quora’s official we will update you as soon as possible.

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