Zong Call Packages 2020 Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly Prepaid and Postpaid

Here you will see a list of Zong call packages Zong daily call packages weekly or monthly call packages. You will also see their subscription and un-subscription code as well.

Zong 4G is Pakistani mobile data network operator and its possess by china company.

When customers are willing to avail of the bundles, there are many questions that arise.

Customers wanted to get complete information regarding the Call bundles/Packages he is going to avail. Some of them are:

Zong Prepaid Call Packages Daily Weekly Monthly

If you are also searching about Daily Zong call package or weekly or Monthly Zong Calls bundles, then this article is surely for you. Come up with passions and the below information, that’s obviously for you. Zong provides call bundles at a very low price as compare to other mobile networks. With their complete subscription and un-subscription code with their further detail.

Zong Powerpack Sim offers

Package NamePriceVolumeIncentivesDurationActivation Code
Starter (Monthly Power Pack 500)500 Rs + tax1000 On-net minutes50 off-net minutes, 2,50MB internet data, 1000 SMS30 DaysDial *1313# and follow on screen instructions
Value (Monthly Power Pack 1000)1000 Rs + tax2000 On-net minutes150 off-net minutes, 5000MB internet data, 1500 SMS30 DaysDial *1313# and follow on screen instructions
Gold (3 Months Power Pack 1500)1500 Rs + tax8000 On-net minutes200 Off-net minutes, 8000MBs internet data, 3000 SMS30 DaysDial *1313# and follow instructions

Miscellaneous Offer of call Packages

Package NameCharging forPrice for On & Off net minutesSMS ChargesMobile internet charges/MBActivation Code
Economy Offer60 Seconds1.8 Rs + tax1.3 Rs + tax4 RsDial *310#
20 Seconds20 seconds1.65 Rs + tax1 Rs4 RsType “sub” and send it to 931
Circle30 seconds2 Rs + tax0.5 Rs4 RsDial *456#

Zong hourly call package | Zong 2 hours call packages

Here are Zong 2 hours call bundles 2!!!  How to activate them?

Package NamePriceValidityActivation CodeIncentivesVolume
Super Student Bundle5+ Tax2 HoursDail *5555#30 MB InternetUnlimited Zong to Zong Calls

Zong never disregards those subscribers who are comfortable with small-time package deals. If you are less social and use your cell phone very often. Then that offer is only for you.

If you have office work, avail the package and discuss your work with colleagues, or if you are a student and want to conclude your assignment with your classmates, Then these packages are splendid for you.

Zong* also comes up with “Zong 2 hours call bundles” and “Zong hourly call bundles” for their valued customers, who want to avail of hourly call bundles. Zong hourly call bundles come to an end on the same day when it was availed.

Zong Daily Call Packages in 2020 (Latest)

There is a list of Zong daily calls bundles, write down with a piece of information. In this bundle, you will get unlimited minutes. He also mentions their subscription codes. Zong 24 hours call packages one day is admirable by those customers who are willing to call on some specific occasions and festivals to congrats his closed ones, or for wishes.

If you are also one of them, and searching for some short call packages deal, so you came in the right place. Here’s different and necessary call package deals are mentioned in detail. You may explore for further details. Check it out yourself

Daily Shaandar OfferRs 13+taxUnlimited minsDial *999#800 SMS, 50MB internet24 HrsType “unsub” and send it to 999
Daily Unlimited OfferRs 14+taxUnlimited minsDial *522#NA24 HrsType “unsub” and send it to 522
Hello OfferRs 14 + tax150 On-net minutesDial *2200*1#150 SMS, 50MB (for Facebook)24 HrsType “unsub” and send it to 4952
Flutter OfferRs 14 + tax120 On-net minutesDial *369#1200 SMS, 50MB24 HrsType “unsub” and send it to 369
Full Gup OfferRs 6 + tax75 On-net minutesDial *118*1#100SMS, 30MB (for WhatsApp)24 HrsType “unsub and send it to 1181
Non-Stop Offer10 Rs + taxUnlimited callsDial *777#NA7 PM to 10 PM validityType “unsub” and send it to 7141

Zong Weekly call packages in 2020 | Zong to Zong call packages weekly (Latest)

Zong* put forward the opportunity for their esteemed customers. Its weekly basis call bundles are equidistant package deal among all the Zong bundles. Zong brings in notice those people who want to avail weekly or 7 days package, and they are anticipated on their mobile telecom company.

Zong weekly basis call bundles are dissimilar and fluctuate from bundles to bundles regarding time length and rate charges. Check out the below list, in which all the packages are further elaborated with their subscription codes

NamePriceVolumeActivation CodeIncentivesDuration
*Shaandar Haftawaar OfferRs 120+tax500 On-net minsDial *7#40 Off-net mins, 500 SMS, 500MBs7 Days
*All-in-One Weekly OfferRs 200+tax1000 On-net minsType "Weekly150" Send to 646440 off-net mins, 1000 SMS, 1000MBs7 Days
*Weekly Unlimited OfferRs 63+taxUnlimited callsType “PK7” and send to 522NA7 Days
*Hello 7 Days OfferRs 45+taxDaily 100 Zong minsDial *2200*1#100 SMS/day, 1MB data7 Days
*Haftawaar Load OfferRs 250+tax3000 On-net minsDial *70#3000 SMS, 3000 MBs, 80 Off-net mins7 Days

Zong Monthly call packages in 2020

Zong provides unique Monthly call bundles for a whole month. The monthly call packages are suitable for those customers who are tired of subscribing call packages again and again.

Zong comes up with ease and comfort for their valued Customers. Now it is easy to avail of a monthly unlimited Zong to Zong free call bundles. Zong offered a number of package deals for their valued customers, so the customers may subscribe to call bundles according to their taste and ease.

Pay the attention to the detailed list below, you will be familiar with numerous packages and subscription codes. Check it out your self a Monthly call bundles list.

Package NamePriceVolumeIncentivesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Supreme OfferRs 10005000 On-net minutes300 Off-net minutes, 5000 SMS, 5000MBs, 2GB YouTube, Free WhatsApp30 DaysDial *3030#Type “unsub 750” and send it to 6464
Monthly Unlimited OfferRs 255Unlimited callsN/A30 DaysType “PK30” and send it to 522Type “unsub” and send it to 522
Shandaar Mahana OfferRs 300 + tax1000 On-net minutes100 Off-net minutes, 1000 SMS, 1000MBs30 DaysDial *1000# Type “unsub Mahana” and send it to 7091
All-in-One monthlyRs 6502500 minutes2500 SMS daily, 2500MB, 150 off-net minutes, 1GB YouTube, Free WhatsApp30 DaysType “home2” and send it to 6565Dial *6464# and follow the instructions
Supreme Plus NewRs 173210,000 On-net minutes10,000 SMS, 10000MB, 600 off-net minutes30 DaysDial *1500#Dial *6464# and follow the instructions
Hello Monthly BundleRs 170100 On-net minutes daily100 SMS (daily), 1MB data30 DaysDial *6464#Dial *6464# and follow the instructions

Zong PostPaid call Bundles In 2020

Zong, the eminent china mobile limited recommended Postpaid call bundles for their customers who want to pay after using bundles.

If you are that customer and you are fed up of doing call bundles/packages again and again, then this portion of the article is surely for you.

Pay the attention to the following list you will be familiar with the packages deeply.

Package NameMonthly ChargesMinimum Security DepositVolumeIncentvesBasic Tariff for CallsActivation/De-activation
Z500365 Rs + tax1000 Rs1500 On-net minutes250 off-net minutes, 1000 SMS, 2000MBsOn-net calls 1.4 Rs/min, Off-net 1.4 Rs/minCall 310
Z900657 Rs + tax2000 RsUnlimited calls500 off-net minutes, 2000 SMs, 4000MBsOn-net calls 0 Rs/min, Off-net calls 1.25 Rs/minCall 310
Z15001095 Rs + tax3000 RsUnlimited calls800 off-net minutes, 4000 SMS, 8000MBsOn-net calls 0 Rs/min, off-net calls 1.25 Rs/minCall 310
Z30002190 Rs + tax5000 RsUnlimited calls1200 off-net minutes, 5000 SMS, 25600MBsOn-net calls 0 Rs/min, off-net calls 1.1 Rs/minCall 310

Zong PostPaid call Bundles Terms and Conditions

  • All the postpaid packages will expire automatically when the time duration is completed.
  • Once you postpaid package time is completed. The package will automatically renew. You don’t need to subscribe to this package again and again.
  • If you want to change this package to any other package then mentioned charges will be applied by the company.
  • You must need to aware of company terms and conditions. Don’t know when he does change their bundle’s policies.


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